Merry Garden Foldable Wooden Adirondack Chair Review and Buying Guide (2021)

Merry Garden Foldable Wooden Adirondack Chair

If you’re seeking to beat all the stress that you gathered over the week and want to spend time peacefully outdoors at the weekend, then there isn’t any greater location than your outside patio.  Additionally, it may be the perfect spot for lots of your outdoor activities such as hosting a celebration etc.

People like to create their outdoor patio to be a place that looks peaceful and comfy. And what better way to add to the comfort ability then adding an Adirondack chair to your outdoors. In this article, we’ll be covering the Merry Garden Foldable Wooden Adirondack Chair.Merry Garden Foldable Wooden Adirondack Chair

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Merry Garden Foldable Wooden Adirondack Chair &


Why Choose Merry Garden Foldable Wooden Adirondack Chair?

q?_encoding=UTF8&ASIN=B0044FW4RE&Format=_SL250_&ID=AsinImage&MarketPlace=US&ServiceVersion=20070822&WS=1&tag=acfactory-20&language=en_USir?t=acfactory-20&language=en_US&l=li3&o=1&a=B0044FW4REAdirondack chairs have been exceptionally famous for their relaxed look and feel, and once you sat on an Adirondack chair, you will never get the same comfy feeling from any other outdoor chair.  Individuals who employed Adirondack chairs for lounging could not opt for another seat to relax.

Anybody who has sat in an Adirondack chair will agree on the simple fact they are the very best relaxing outdoor seats.  Yes, these seats are created using high-quality, high-quality fir wood which remains unstained for quite a while.

Navigating through a record of numerous chairs could be a little tiring, and therefore we took it on ourselves to make matters simpler for you when picking to find the most effective Adirondack chair.

Numerous elements make the Merry Garden Foldable Adirondack Chairs the best in the market, including the complete instructions, design, sturdy build, comfort etc.

The ergonomic construction of the chair ensures optimum comfort and comfort.  The seat itself is lightweight and very simple to take care of since it folds flat for pure storage.   The size is perfect for average size individuals and will work fine for a bigger man also.  Putting these together will require approximately an hour each seat when you’ve got an electric screwdriver.  There are a whole lot of bits but they’re marked and observing the instructions was fairly simple.

This outdoor chair is made using some of the best quality Canadian hemlock wood and comes with a beautiful natural finish. It is that ergonomic design that makes this chair one of the most comfortable outdoor furniture on the market. The chair is also not too heavy and hence can be easily moved around outdoors. The folding design also helps to store it quite easily. Minimal assembly is required. The size is great for average size person and will work okay for a larger man too.

Comfy Design

One of the best comfortable outdoor chairs you will ever find.

Strong Build

Produced from standard Canadian Hemlock and includes a weight capacity of 250 pounds.

Easy to AssembleMerry Garden Foldable Wooden Adirondack Chair

Another major highlight of this Adirondack chair is that it is quite easy to assemble. All the parts are numbered and it would take hardly 30-45 minutes to assemble this chair if you have an electric screwdriver. It also comes with a detailed user manual about the parts and how to assemble etc.

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PROs of Coral Coast Adirondack chair cushion
  • Easy to assemble
  • Foldable design
  • Ideal for outdoor relaxation
  • Ergonomic design

CONs of Coral Coast Adirondack chair cushion
  • Need to configure

Why People Love Adirondack Chairs?

One of the primary reasons that people love adirondack chairs is because it is a lot more than an outdoor chair. It is a way of outdoor living. It also acts as an end table which lets you read the morning newspaper, sipping on a hot tea, or even indulge in your favorite book and still have sufficient space in the broader armrests to put several biscuits to bide the moment. When you seat yourself for a long time on many chairs, you can feel a little discomfort. But it is not the case with Adirondack chairs. You’ll always feel refreshed and relaxed. The chair is built so that your weight is equally dispersed across the area of the upper thighs and back. So instead of having a rigid backbone and strain on your upper thighs, you are going to feel comfortable, and you’re going to feel rested once sitting in this chair for any quantity of time.

When contemplating Adirondack chairs from an investment standpoint, especially when choosing outdoor furniture, then it is crucial and quite critical that you find furniture which will supply the utmost pleasure.
However, if you are searching to devote a substantial amount of time in your own garden with your couch chairs, Adirondack chairs, outside dining areas, and far more, it seems sensible that you are very likely to purchase elastic parts of furniture including stair seats and a whole lot more.
The best thing about Adirondack furniture is that it comes in many different fashions. You’ll locate Adirondack chair seats, Adirondack outdoor dining areas, you can buy an Adirondack chair, and every one of those items has their aim. When it’s to do with all the versatility of Adirondack furniture, then it is there.


Adirondack seats are classic, comfortable, and trendy and include a rich American history. Adding these seats into your own patio or landscape is a wonderful choice, and you’ll know there are tons of styles to choose from and in a variety of colors. If you’re thinking about incorporating Adirondack chairs in your house, then this guide can allow you to opt for the very best Adirondack chair to your patio.

It’s considered one of the best outdoor furniture for your patio, backyard, fireplaces, etc. Its inclined layout makes it the ideal item of furniture to have a cozy nap during the daytime. Made with high quality and durable substances can protect your spine for many years ahead. Please post your experiences with Adirondack chairs along with your comments and feedback about this article. Time to go back and relax on my favorite Adirondack chair and have a quick nap. See You!!!

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Trex Adirondack Chairs Review and Buying Guide (2021)

Trex Adirondack Chairs

In this article read our review on Trex Adirondack Chairs. Thinking of buying new outdoor furniture for your backyard? There is no better choice than the simple yet classy and very comfortable Adirondack chair. Adirondack chairs have been around for over a decade and their popularity is only growing with time. People love these chairs for a myriad of reasons and that has led to several brands cropping up. But not all the Adirondacks you see in the market are worth your time and effort.

On of the Adirondack chair brands in the market that have equally impressed customers and experts is the Trex Outdoor furniture. The brand has gained tremendous popularity over the years and is known for its high-quality, sleekly designed and durable  chairs.Trex Adirondack Chairs

Trex reputation is what nudged us to review two of its best selling Adirondack chairs. Read on to find out what makes these chairs so special.

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Trex Outdoor Cape cod folding Chair 



q?_encoding=UTF8&ASIN=B004WSCRHK&Format=_SL250_&ID=AsinImage&MarketPlace=US&ServiceVersion=20070822&WS=1&tag=acfactory-20&language=en_USir?t=acfactory-20&language=en_US&l=li3&o=1&a=B004WSCRHKThis is a beautiful Adirondack chair that will impress you greatly. The chair is made from recycled milk jug lumber, and although it looks and feels exactly like wood, it’s definitely much better than that. Available in 7 attractive colors, you get a lot of beautiful options to choose from. The built of the chair is not only eco-friendly and but also makes the cleaning easy and low-maintenance.


Made from recycled HDPE lumber, this chair can get medals for its sturdiness and durability. It is a tough piece of furniture that can withstand even harsh weather conditions such as snow, drizzle, wind, harsh summer sun and even hail. And the best part is that this chair doesn’t crack, splinter, rot or warp with time. Good value for money and a strong enough body that you can pass down to the next generation.


Now, this is the feature that we love the most about any Adirondack chair. Having a foldable chair means that you can carry it anywhere with ease. Be it a beachside picnic or a garden lunch or even you moving houses, just fold this beautiful chair, put it in the boot of your car and you are good to go. Weighing just 37 pounds, this chair can be carried around easily as well. Foldable chairs are more useful in houses with small backyards. You can stow away the chairs after use hence, saving space and making your house look more spacious.


The Adirondack chair has the following dimensions: 29-inches width by 33-inches depth by 35-1/4-inches height. The chair has been designed ergonomically to provide you with maximum comfort. With a curved back, spacious seat and wide armrests, you can lounge on these chairs for hours without experiencing any discomfort such as the sore back.

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Pros of Trex Outdoor Cape cod folding chair
  • A high-quality and sturdy chair that doesn’t require much maintenance
  • No need to repaint or stain the chair as it never loses its color and even after years of usage looks as good as the day you first bought it.
  • Assembly of the chair is extremely easy and takes less than 30 minutes.
  • Foldable chair to save space
  • Made in the USA

Cons of Trex Outdoor Cape cod folding Chair
  • The chair is more expensive than normal Adirondack chairs available in the market.

Trex Outdoor Furniture Cape Cod Adirondack Chair



q?_encoding=UTF8&ASIN=B004WSCTC8&Format=_SL250_&ID=AsinImage&MarketPlace=US&ServiceVersion=20070822&WS=1&tag=acfactory-20&language=en_USir?t=acfactory-20&language=en_US&l=li3&o=1&a=B004WSCTC8ir?t=acfactory-20&language=en_US&l=li3&o=1&a=B004WSCRHKWhile buying an Adirondack chair, you give emphasis to looks as well as durability equally, then this chair by Trex Outdoor is the right pick for you. Available in a variety of beautiful colors, you have a lot of options to choose from.

It is a classic looking chair that will go with almost all types of home decor perfectly.

Made from recycled plastic bottles and milk jugs, this is a 100% environment-friendly chair. So if you are an eco-aware person who wants to do his/ her part of saving the environment, buying this chair is definitely the right step for you.


Made from HDPE lumber, the manufacturer claims that this Adirondack chair has been made keeping in mind summertime comfort. But we really feel that you can use this chair all year round while getting the best comfort. Weighing 37 pounds, the chair got the following dimensions:  31-1/4-inch width by 33-3/4-inch depth by 38-1/2-inch height; seat height: 16-inch; arm height 24-inch; seat size 22-inches by 17-3/4-inches.

It’s a comfortable chair that can be used by people of all age groups. Be it a child or an old person, they will find the chair relaxing and comfortable. With a 16-inch seat height, getting in and out of the chair is super easy. The company also sells matching ottomans for these chairs separately which would go very well with these chairs and also increase your comfort level significantly.


What we love the most about this chair is how easy it is to clean and maintain them. Just wipe the chair with a damp piece of cloth and they look brand new as ever. Wood Adirondack chairs look great but maintaining them is a great hassle. You have to frequently paint and stain them so that they maintain their original color.

With Trex Outdoor cape cod Adirondack chair, you get the feel and look of the wood minus all the above-given hassles. Which means no need for painting, staining or sealing the chair in any way. Just leave them be and they will not lose their shine or attractiveness for many years to come.

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Pros of Trex Outdoor Furniture Cape Cod Adirondack Chair
  • A sturdy and durable chair that is going to last long for a number of years without much care and maintenance
  • A contoured back and wide seat to provide the users with maximum comfort
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Easy to assemble, the whole process takes less than half an hour to complete.
  • The chair is water-resistant, waterproof and doesn’t crack, splinter, rot or weather easily.

Cons of Trex Outdoor Furniture Cape Cod Adirondack Chair
  • The chair is not foldable, and hence it can be a hassle to carry it from one place to another
  • More expensive than other similar Adirondack chairs available in the market.


What is the difference between the Trex and Polywood Adirondack chairs?

There isn’t much difference between Trex and Polywood chairs. The majority of the Trex furniture you see in the market is made using the Polywood lumber, which is the HDPE lumber. The chairs do not comprise of any natural fiber or wood, are 100% environmentally friendly and extremely durable. They also contain UV pigment inhibition system to block the harmful UV rays from damaging your precious furniture. Also check Phat Tommy Adirondack chair Review

Can Adirondack chairs be made from Trex?

Yes, definitely. In fact, we believe that Trex is one of the best materials to be used for building outdoor furniture like Adirondack chairs. They are waterproof, weatherproof, don’t splinter, crack or rot with time and don’t require much maintenance. You might find the chairs to be a little expensive but their quality is worth the price you pay. Comfort is another niche that they excel at. These chairs are highly comfortable and generally have a curved back and spacious seats.

Is assembly of Trex Adirondack chairs required?

Yes, minor assembly of these chairs is required. However, some of these chairs come pre-assembled and require no assembly at all. Those that do require minimal assembly can be done very easily and even by a person with no prior experience. The whole process of assembly will take you less than half an hour. Instructions booklet is provided with the Adirondack chairs which you can follow for better clarity. Even few online videos are present for your better understanding.

How to clean my Trex Adirondack chair?

Cleaning these chairs is very simple. Either wipe the chair with a damp clean piece of cloth or if there are stubborn spots you want to remove, just wash the chair with soap and water. If you witness fungi on the chair, remove it using a solution mix of ⅔ water and ⅓ bleach.


If you are buying an Adirondack chair, two things that you shouldn’t compromise on are its durability and comfort. Buying a chair is a long term investment you undertaking ,hence, make sure that the chair is durable enough to last long number of years.  The same goes for comfort as well. You don’t want to buy a chair that gives you regular backaches and make your shoulders sore. You intend to sit on these chairs for hours without any discomfort and that’s what they should provide.

Trex Cape cod Adirondack chairs seem to fulfill all the above two conditions and even more. These chairs are really attractive to look at and will fetch you compliments from friends and family alike. Available in a variety of colors, you can choose the chair according to your house decor or your mood.

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Top Cedar Adirondack Chairs Reviews (2021)


Here in this article, you will find the best cedar Adirondack chairs available in the market. If you are looking to beat the stress and spend some time peacefully, there is no better place than your outdoor patio. It can also be the ideal place for many of your outdoor activities like hosting a party etc. Some people out there want to make their outdoor patio more relaxing and inviting and what better way than add an Adirondack chair to your patio.

Adirondack chairs are highly known for their ultimate comfort and can give you that relaxed feeling. People who used Adirondack chairs for relaxing would never choose another chair to relax. But the market is filled with various options, it might get a bit tricky to choose the right Adirondack chairs.Cedar Adirondack Chairs

Browsing through a list of hundreds of chairs can be a bit tiring, and hence we took it upon ourselves to make things easier for you when choosing for the best Adirondack chair. In this guide, we’ve tried to give you all the possible information about Adirondack chairs, the best Adirondack chairs on the market and how to pick the best one for your outdoor patio.

History of Adirondack Chairs

The Adirondack chairs are specialty outdoor chairs made entirely of wood and come with a relaxing back seat that comprises of eleven wooden panels. The Adirondack chairs are known for their wide armrests that give a relaxing atmosphere.

Adirondack Chairs were first designed by Thomas Lee in 1903. While Lee was visiting the Adirondack Mountains for the summer, he was looking for a nice and cozy outdoor chair for his summer home.

He started building on his own and came up with a Westport Plank Chair. Upon his return to Westport, he offered the design to make some modifications.

His friend Harry Bunnel saw the potential with these Adirondack chairs and quietly got the patent under his name and continued producing the chairs for the next 15-20 years.

Adirondack chairs have grown into huge popularity over the years, and even polymers and hard-impact plastics are used for making Adirondack chairs.

Wood Types of Adirondack Chairs

Adirondack chairs were originally made entirely from wood and there are many wood types out of which Adirondack chairs are made of. Listed below are the most common wood types:


One of the most popular and commonly used types of wood for making Adirondack chairs is pine wood. The unique natural knots that come in pinewood makes it an excellent choice for making Adirondack chairs as it adds a decorative element to the chair when stained.

While pine wood is great for making Adirondack chairs for a short term, it is not ideal for making chairs that last for a long time. The main reason is that pine is not resistant to water, termites, and rotting.

But when you finish pine with a quality primer and add a top-coat paint with a UV rating, then it can last for a long time. Pine is cheap when compared to other types of wood as it is available in abundance. Remember, stay away from pressure treated pines as it is not good for your health.


If you want longevity in your Adirondack chairs, then better go with cedarwood. It is naturally resistant to insects and rotting. The oil from cedar wood drive away the insects. Cedar is mainly used for making patio decks, and boardwalks as cedar wood are highly durable and easily available.

While some argue that building furniture with cedar can cause marks and blemishes, it can be easily sanded away. Moreover, furniture built using cedar can last for a lifetime.

After years of usage, you can see some small marks and fissures appearing on the surface, but that doesn’t in any way affect the life and toughness of the wood. While there are many types of cedarwood available on the market, the most popular and the commonly used cedar type is Western Red Cedar.


Teak is another type of hardwood that is being used for making Adirondack chairs. Teak wood comes with excellent weather resistance features. Chairs made from teak wood can last for many generations. When compared to other woods, teak is not a native wood and is quite expensive. It also takes great attention and care to maintain teak wood, and stains are also very hard to remove.


Cypress wood is naturally resistant to rotting and insects because of the presence of natural oils that drives away the insects. Cypress woods also comes with tight grains.

Top Best Rated Cedar Adirondack Chairs

  1. Shine Company Inc. 4611N Westport Adirondack Chair, Natural

q?_encoding=UTF8&ASIN=B001J5OOC0&Format=_SL250_&ID=AsinImage&MarketPlace=US&ServiceVersion=20070822&WS=1&tag=acfactory-20ir?t=acfactory-20&l=li3&o=1&a=B001J5OOC0Shine Company is one of the leading manufacturers of building top quality Adirondack chairs. People looking for a chair that lasts for generations in their outdoor patio can go for Adirondack chairs from Shine Company. And these chairs are not made from high-quality cedar materials. While other wood will warp because of moisture, cedar won’t. Also, cedar is naturally resistant to insects and rooting, so you don’t need to treat these furniture with any chemicals. When compared to other types of wood, cedar requires less maintenance. The color and texture last for a long time.

These Adirondack chairs are suitable for all kinds of weather conditions as it can easily withstand the extreme cold conditions of Alaska to the unwavering heat of Arizona.

The curved back is very comfortable to take a peaceful afternoon nap on these Adirondack chairs. The recycled plastic is fade-resistant, and hence, the chairs can remain like new ones for years to come. It can also easily be folded up so that transporting the chair during your outdoor camping trips is easy.

The Highwood Hamilton Adirondack chairs are available in 12 different colors including Aqua, Burnt Brown, Chili Pepper, Lemon Yellow, Lime Green, Natural, Rust, and more.

</p> <h4><strong>Pros</strong></h4> <p>
  • Available in 12 different colors
  • Fade-resistant
  • Rust resistant
  • Ergonomic Design
  • Relaxing Experience
  • Made from high-quality yellow cedar materials
</p> <h4><strong>Cons</strong></h4> <p>
  • Bit hard to assemble
Buy Shine Company Westport Adirondack Chair
  1. Montana Woodworks Western Red Cedar Folding Adirondack Chair

q?_encoding=UTF8&ASIN=B004RGWCJ0&Format=_SL250_&ID=AsinImage&MarketPlace=US&ServiceVersion=20070822&WS=1&tag=acfactory-20ir?t=acfactory-20&l=li3&o=1&a=B004RGWCJ0The Montana Woodworks Montana Collection Western Red Cedar Folding Adirondack Chair is another popular piece of furniture used by people for relaxing in their outdoor patio. The highly contoured seat ensures a comfortable and relaxed atmosphere. Handcrafted using solid western red cedar materials the chair comes with a professional finish.

The folding Adirondack chair is ideal to relax in your outdoor patio in the evenings. Western red cedar materials are naturally resistant to rotting and hence there is no need to treat them using any chemicals. They are also highly resistant to water, so no damage done even if they put besides the swimming pool.

You don’t worry about the paint getting faded or insects damaging the furniture. The chair will go on for many relaxed afternoons and evenings for years.

The classic Adirondack chair is made with heavy-duty construction to withstand the natural elements. It is also highly water-resistant and doesn’t rot, crack, peel or chip. Even if it is left in direct sunlight for a long time, the chair won’t lose its sheen as it comes packed with UV protection materials.

Quick and simple installation. Cleaning and maintenance are easy, as all you need is some soap and water to clean the chair. It comes with a 20-year limited warranty and can be easily folded allowing for easy transportation. Available in 2 different colors including beige and brown.

What exactly is it that makes Montana Woodworks furniture really special? Careful, detailed craftsmanship, excellent wood choice and meticulous construction.

The wooden logs have been chosen from the Kootenai National Forest using Lodge Pole Pine selected because of the exceptional strength and as it’s generally straighter. Montana Woodworks prohibits using heavy equipment, since machines would harm the surface feel of our wood. Once picking the  dead wood, the logs will be stored a complete dry before being used in the construction of the furniture. We utilize the mortise and tenon design joint for greatest strength.

</p> <h4><strong>Pros</strong></h4> <p>
  • Water Resistant
  • Resistant to all weather conditions
  • Available in 2 different colors
  • Easily foldable
  • Compact storage
</p> <h4><strong>Cons</strong></h4> <p>
  • Tough to assemble
Buy Montana Collection Western Red Cedar Folding Adirondack Chair
  1. ECCB Outdoor Oversized Poly Lumber Folding Adirondack Chair

q?_encoding=UTF8&ASIN=B079MGBQPJ&Format=_SL250_&ID=AsinImage&MarketPlace=US&ServiceVersion=20070822&WS=1&tag=acfactory-20ir?t=acfactory-20&l=li3&o=1&a=B079MGBQPJAdirondack is highly renowned for its extreme comfort and popular furniture for outdoor patios. The ECCB Outdoor Outer Banks Deluxe Oversized Poly Lumber Folding Adirondack Chair are made using 95% recycled materials. It also comes packed with a handy cell-phone holder  in one armd and a beverage holder on the other arm.

It’s a tasteful, natural finish with a great build and is proven to provide ultimate relaxation. The seats are professionally assembled and have pre-drilled stainless-steel hardware.

Another benefit of ECCB Outdoor Outer Banks Deluxe Oversized Poly Lumber Folding Adirondack Chair is that it is cheap, adds elegance and style to your outdoor patio or lawn as it comes with a natural outlook.

It will also blend easily with the existing décor as well. It’s constructed to withstand the test of time and all sorts of weather. This Adirondack chair is a great investment for your property.

</p> <h4><strong>Pro</strong></h4> <p>
  • Highly durable construction
  • Comfortable design
  • Easy to install
</p> <h4><strong>Cons</strong></h4> <p>
  • Poor Quality metal bolts
Buy ECCB Folding Adirondack Chair
  1. Kilmer Creek Cedar Adirondack Chair

best cedar adirondackir?t=acfactory-20&l=li3&o=1&a=B002XA2PYEAre you currently on the lookout for a distinctive aesthetic chair that’s made from quality wood? This seat, with its unfinished appearance and looks of a tough, tucked framework is an exceptional piece of furniture that’s certain to be the center of attraction on your lawn.

Also, it’s made using high-quality white cedar materials. It signifies is that you may either leave it appearing pristine or have it painted based on the way you would like it to see as the years go by.
Its structure is a little more specialized than other kinds of Adirondack chairs, so it is ideal to have a screw gun nearby. It’s well worth the hassle since it lets you get creative and beautiful chairs on your terrace.

</p> <h4><strong>Pros</strong></h4> <p>
  • Sturdy build
  • Made using high-quality white cedar
  • 10-year warranty
</p> <h4><strong>Cons</strong></h4> <p>
  • Complex assembly
  • No knots in the arms
Buy Kilmer Creek Cedar Adirondack Chair
  1. Poly Fan-Back Adirondack Chair, Cedar

Adirondack chairIf you’re interested in finding an ecofriendly Adirondack chair, look no farther than Poly Fan-Back Adirondack Chair. This environmentally friendly seat is constructed from high-quality polywood.

The back and seat of this seat are contoured for optimum relaxation that’s ideal for relaxing during cookouts and other outdoor pursuits. It comes in 20 different colors including Black, Blue, Brown, Burgundy, Cedar, Green, Dark Green, Ivory, Pink, Purple. Red, Yellow and more.

The low maintenance design and materials will remain looking like new if the seat is kept outdoors all year round.

</p> <h4><strong>Pros</strong></h4> <p>
  • Around 20 color choices available
  • 20-year limited residential warranty
  • 5-year limited commercial warranty
  • Resistant to cracks, rotting, fading, molding and splinter
  • Eco-friendly design
</p> <h4><strong>Cons</strong></h4> <p>
  • Expensive
Buy Poly Fan-Back Adirondack Chair, Cedar


Adirondack chairs are timeless, comfy, and stylish and come with a rich American history. Adding these chairs to your patio or landscape is a nice selection, and you will understand there are lots of styles to select from and in various colors. If you are considering adding Adirondack chairs into your residence, then this guide will help you choose the best Adirondack chair for your outdoor patio.

Phat Tommy Adirondack chair Review and Buying Guide (2021)

phat Tommy Adirondack Chair

In this article read our review on Phat Tommy Adirondack chair. What’s the best part of summer? Just lounging outside in your backyard with a drink in one hand and book in the other. Enjoying summer definitely feels like the best part of our lives, isn’t it? But what makes these moments more special is the right type of outdoor furniture you own. And there is no better outdoor furniture than Adirondack chairs. These chairs have gained huge popularity since their invention by Thomas Lee in the year 1903. The Adirondacks have surely evolved with time and come in different varieties and materials, but the charm ceases to fade.

There are plenty of options in the market present if you want to buy an Adirondack chair. And while that’s mostly a good thing, it can also cause confusion and uncertainty. The majority of these brands look great with their shiny Adirondack chairs and competitive prices. Hence, it is important that you are aware which brand is worth spending your money in.phat Tommy Adirondack Chair

One of the most popular Adirondack chair brands in the market today is Phat Tommy. The company is known for its high-quality outdoor furniture and is a trusted brand amongst consumers.

That’s what prompted us to do a review on one of its best selling products, Phat Tommy Recycled Poly Resin Folding Deluxe Adirondack Chair.

Buy Phat Tommy Recycled Poly Resin Folding Deluxe Adirondack Chair

Phat Tommy Recycled poly resin deluxe Adirondack chair review



This is a traditional-looking Adirondack chair that is made in the USA. The chair is available in 11 beautiful colors ranging from vibrant red to electric blue and subtle beige. Personally, we love all the colors but if you want to brighten up your patio with a pop of color, We’d advise you to go for a more colorful version of the chair.


Comfort is one of the most important things to consider while buying an Adirondack chair. Weighing 48 pounds, this chair has the following dimensions: 32″L x 35″W x 40″H 47 lbs. Seat: 22″W x 21″ D and 12” from the ground.

The Adirondack chair is a little bigger than other similar chairs in the market. And that’s one of the reasons why this chair is so comfortable. Adequate seat space is provided to you and you don’t have to crouch your body to make yourself comfortable. What we really like about this chair is its ergonomic design. The manufacturer has paid a lot of attention to the design of the chair to make it more comfortable for the users. The contoured back and seat and wide armrests help you to relax and loosen up whenever you desire. It got a maximum weight capacity of 450 lbs and thus can be used by most of the people in any weight category.


This Adirondack chair is made of recycled polyresin or in normal layman terms known as recycled plastic. If you ask us, recycled plastic is currently the best choice for outdoor furniture. They come with a lot of advantages and very few drawbacks. Even though few people prefer wood Adirondacks due to their looks, but wood needs a lot of maintenance and is prone to rot, splinter and cracks. Plastic Adirondack chairs are affordable and lightweight but they aren’t sophisticated enough. Unlike Coral coast Adirondack chair cushion this chair is made of Poly Resin.

Polyresin is the material that bridges the gap between wood and plastic chairs. The chair is nice to look at and just like plastic chairs require very little care and maintenance. Not only that, it’s a durable and sturdy chair that can last for a long time easily.


Ah, how we love foldable chairs. Foldable chairs are one of the best inventions of mankind and there aren’t two ways about it. This Phat Tommy Adirondack chair is foldable and can be stored away when not in use. This is a great option for people living in small houses with not enough space and doesn’t like the area to be too crowded. The foldable option also comes handy while transporting the chair from one place to another. It can fit easily in the boot of your car and you can take it wherever you of phat tommy adirondack chair

Durability and 10 Year Warranty

This Adirondack chair is quite durable and sturdy. Not only is it water-resistant and UV-resistant, but it also can withstand all types of harsh weather with no difficulty. Strong rains or snowfall will not damage its look, the harsh sun would not cause it to lose its color and it will not definitely be blown away by strong winds.

The chair also comes with 10 years manufacturer warranty hence, you can use it carefree without the fear of spoiling its look or damaging it.

Low maintenance

The Adirondack chair is super easy to clean and maintain. You can clean the chair by wiping its surface with a clean damp piece of cloth and it will look as new as the first day you brought it home. For stubborn stains, it’s recommended to use soapy water and scrub the chair gently. Don’t overdo the scrubbing part or you may risk chipping the paint.

There is not much to maintain when it comes to these chairs, just regular cleaning would do. Unlike wooden Adirondack chairs, its color wouldn’t fade with time and hence, there is no need to repaint or stain the chair.

Phat Tommy also makes highly durable foldable side tables and ottomans to complement your beautiful Adirondacks. They are available in different colors and would go really well with your patio decor.

Value for money

Some might claim that this chair by Phat Tommy is too expensive and they can get similar Adirondacks in the much lower price range easily. And that’s probably true as well. We have seen very affordable Adirondacks that look attractive. But they are usually of cheap quality and don’t last long.

Buying an Adirondack chair is making a long term investment and you would expect the chair to last for a long time easily. There is no point buying a chair that starts showing signs of damage within a few months of purchase. It’s always advised to be careful and go through online reviews of the product before finally deciding to purchase it.

Phat Tommy Adirondack chair might be a little expensive but the premium quality it provides and the benefits it brings makes it a good value for money. This is easily a high-quality Adirondack chair that’s durable, sturdy, doesn’t splinter, rot, crack, chip or slit with time, requires low maintenance and looks great even after years of use.

Buy Phat Tommy Recycled poly resin deluxe Adirondack chair

Pros of Phat Tommy Recycled poly resin deluxe Adirondack chair
  • It is a high-quality, durable chair that is going to last for decades without much looking after and maintenance
  • The chair got a maximum weight capacity of 450 pounds.
  • Available in 11 different attractive colors
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • The chair is weather-resistant, waterproof, UV-resistant and does not lose its color even after being out all year round.
  • A comfortable chair that will send you in a relaxing mode allowing you to lounge on it for hours without any backache or similar discomfort
  • The chair comes with a 10-year manufacturer warranty
  • Foldable for saving space

Cons of Phat Tommy Recycled poly resin deluxe Adirondack chair
  • The chair weighs 47 pounds and hence, can easily be regarded as a heavy chair. This makes it easy to move around and transport even when it’s foldable.
  • This Adirondack chair doesn’t come pre-assembled and even though it comes with a booklet with instructions on how to assemble the chair, many users found the assembly process to be time-consuming, hectic and chaotic.
  • The chair is more expensive than other similar Adirondack chairs currently available in the market. But we have already talked above about the benefits this chair provides and how it’s a good value for money.
Colors available White,Blue,Green,Black,Brown,Dark Red,Red,Tan,Teal,Yellow,Weatherwood
Poly Resin
Dimension 32"L x 35"W x 40"H
Capacity 450 pounds


We love good outdoor furniture to relax with family and friends and there is no better outdoor furniture than an Adirondack chair. And while buying an Adirondack chair is a wise choice, it’s also an overwhelming one. There are hundreds of options available and every chair looks as good as the next one. With so many choices available, just purchasing a chair because it looks good or is affordable or available on a discount is not recommended.

You need to do proper research and go through online customer reviews on various sites before finally making a decision
It sounds hectic, doesn’t it? That’s why we are here to help. Phat Tommy is a popular brand with its Adirondacks ranked highly by customers on shopping websites like Amazon. The chair reviewed by us is a high-quality one with several important features and benefits. Hope our product review helps you in making an informed and profitable shopping decision.

Buy Phat Tommy Recycled poly resin deluxe Adirondack chair

Coral Coast Adirondack Chair Cushions Review and Buying Guide (2021)

Coral coast adirondack chair cushions Review

In this article read our review on coral coast Adirondack chair cushion. We have constantly talked about Adirondack chairs and how they are one of the most comfortable furniture ever. These humble chairs have been around for a long time and loved by people for its beautiful design, comfortable seat, wide armrests and variety of options.Coral coast adirondack chair cushions Review

But what makes these chairs even more popular and comfortable are the Adirondack chair cushions. Buy the right cushion and you could lounge on the chairs for hours without any backache or discomfort.

One of the most popular brands of Adirondack chair cushions is the Coral coast and we absolutely love its products. We have reviewed its classic Adirondack chair cushion and tried to find out what makes it so popular and is it worth a buy?

Buy Coral Coast Classic Adirondack Chair Cushion

Coral Coast Adirondack chair cushion review &



This cushion is available in two attractive designs– simple Sage green print and vibrant floral pattern. Our personal favorite is the garden floral because of the bright and expressive prints that add a pop to any type of decor but if you want something more subtle and somber, you should go for the simple yet sophisticated sage green print.

The cushion looks sophisticated and attractive, there is no doubt about that. Its design will go well with most types of house decor. And even if you don’t have any particular decor ideas and have a neutral design patio or backyard, the cushion wouldn’t disappoint you even then. It will bring a pop of color to your house and bring out the beauty of your house more clearly


One of the most important things one should consider before buying an Adirondack cushion is how comfortable it is. The coral coast cushion comes with a tufted design that’s evenly filled to make you feel more comfortable. The cushion has the following dimensions: 52L x 18W x 1.5H in. Made of 100% durable polyester fabric, the cushion comes with two ties to keep it securely attached so that there is no slippage every time someone sits on the chair. Weighing just 3 pounds, the cushion is extremely lightweight and would not feel too tufted while you sit on it.


As already mentioned above, the chair cushion is made of 100% polyester fabric. The cushion is weather-resistant and waterproof which means you can put them outside all year round without any worries of getting its color faded or design spoil. It’s made of a great fabric that doesn’t appear cheap and is comfortable to sit on. You would be able to sit on it for hours without the material sticking to your body or getting too rough on your skin.

Easy to maintain

When you buy a cushion for a piece of outdoor furniture, it’s crucial to find out whether the fabric can be easily cleaned without any hassle. This is because since the cushion is outside most parts of the day, the chances of it getting dirty are higher. And no matter how beautiful or comfortable your Adirondack chair is, the dirty cushion will entirely spoil its look. That’s why we need a cushion that can be cleaned easily and doesn’t require much maintenance.

Thankfully, Coral Coast Adirondack cushion is all these things. You can spot clean this cushion just by using mild soap and water.Coral coast adirondack chair cushions check


Imagine buying a very expensive Adirondack chair cushion that’s really attractive but you keep it in your backyard for a few days and it starts losing its color and beauty. All that’s left is an old piece of cloth that looks unattractive, old and ragged. That’s why it is important to buy a chair cushion that’s fade and UV resistant. Coral coast cushion has all the above qualities and will not lose its color or shine or its attractiveness, no matter how harsh the weather conditions are. That’s why we consider it a great value for money.


If you are someone that doesn’t believe in splurging when it comes to cushions or has a limited budget, the Coral coast cushions wouldn’t disappoint you. Available at a highly affordable price, you can buy this attractive cushion without burning a hole in your pocket. Frankly, there are very few companies that provide such premium products at such an economical price range

Buy Coral Coast Classic Adirondack Chair Cushion
PROs of Coral Coast Adirondack chair cushion
  • Available in two very attractive and beautiful designs which you can choose according to your mood or the decor of your backyard.
  • Weather-resistant and waterproof thus, can be kept outside all year long without any concern of changing weather.
  • Affordable
  • The cushion is extremely comfortable to sit on. It has been tufted well with a cushion feel and comes with two ties that can be secured to provide a more stable seat.
  • It can be spot cleaned easily just with mild soap and water. Even the most stubborn spots can be removed from its surface with ease without the need of continuous scrubbing. Maintaining the cushion is no hassle as well. The material is highly durable and can last for several years easily without much upkeep.
  • The cushion is lightweight, weighing only 3 pounds.

CONs of Coral Coast Adirondack chair cushion
  • The ties are a little short which makes the tying process a wee bit difficult
  • The material of the cushion tends to be a little thin.
Colors available Garden Floral,Sage Green
Dimension 52L x 18W x 1.5H in
Weight 3 pounds


Our Adirondack chairs are special and hence, just ordinary cushions for them won’t suffice. We need a cushion that matches the chair’s durability, comfort, and looks. Adirondack chairs are beautiful furniture and buying just ordinary looking cushions for them will spoil their looks. That’s the reason we need to take a few factors into consideration before buying an Adirondack chair cushion. Comfort is important as the looks of the cushion and we shouldn’t compromise one for another.

Coral Coast Adirondack cushion seems to check all the right boxes. Not only are they attractive but also durable, long-lasting and comfortable. In our opinion, they are a great choice for your Adirondack chair and you certainly wouldn’t be disappointed with your purchase.
Buy Coral Coast Classic Adirondack Chair Cushion

Amish Adirondack chairs Review & Features (2021)

Amish Adirondack chairs Review

How good are Amish Adirondack Chairs? If you are looking for patio furniture currently, there is no better choice than Adirondack chairs. Their attractive design, wide armrests, comfortable seats, and versatility are just one of the few reasons you need to own one of this beauty.

And while talking about Adirondack chairs, there has been one particular kind that is highly popular and customers favorite. We are talking about the Amish crafted Adirondack chairs. People have several expectations when they buying furniture regarding its quality, reputation, looks, and comfort. And Amish chairs tend to tick all the right boxes. Made in the USA, these chairs are crafted by the hardworking Amish community. This when you buy one of these chairs, your money is going to the locals instead of the large, greedy corporations. Another reason to buy Amish Adirondack chairs.Amish Adirondack chairs Review

In this article, we are going to review one of the most popular Amish Adirondack chair in the market currently, Kilmer Creek Folding Natural Cedar Adirondack Chair. Let’s see why you should opt to buy this chair.

Review of Kilmer Creek Folding Natural Cedar Adirondack Chair



The chair is made of western red cedarwood. Wood is known for durability and its resistance to warping, splitting and cupping. This wood is also popular for being lightweight and perfect outdoor furniture due to its rot, insect, and decay-resistant properties. This chair is going to last for a long time with minimum care and maintenance, and because it’s made of wood, it will never lose its charm as well.amish cedar adirondack chair


Kilmer Creek Cedar Adirondack chair is a beautiful looking chair with a natural wood finish. The natural wood color of the chair will turn into a silver-greyish shade with time, a color that many people are hoping to achieve and which looks quite good. However, if you aren’t a fan of that look and are looking for something more customized, you are in luck because this chair can be painted with any color of your choice easily due to its smooth surface. But if you come into the third category that would like to preserve the natural wood color of the chair, you can do that too by applying oil finish with UV protection to it frequently which will, in fact,  bring out the beauty of the chair more vividly.


One of the most attractive features of this Adirondack chair is that it’s foldable. Usually, finding wood Adirondack chairs that are also foldable can be hard, hence, this chair wins brownie points because of this feature. Since it’s foldable, you can carry this chair to different places easily. It’s also useful if you have a small backyard and you don’t want it to look too cluttered, you can fold the chair and stow it away to create more space.


Now, we come to one of the most important feature one look for while buying an Adirondack chair. The Kilmer creek chair is spacious, with the measurements being 36 x 36 x 26 inches and has a seat that measures 18 inches deep. It got a contoured seat with clear splats that have been planed and smoothened for your comfort. The armrests are wide enough to give you the relaxed feeling you looking for.

Made in the USA

If you are someone who only believes in products that are made in the USA, this chair will suit your needs. In fact, according to a report by the website consumer reports, 8/10 consumers in America preferred their country made products over imported ones.

The Kilmer Creek Adirondack chair is made in the USA by hardworking Amish workers known for their high-quality and unique furniture that would match with the decor of any house and would help you in fishing generous compliments from friends and family.

Buy Kilmer Creek Folding Natural Cedar Adirondack Chair,

Pros of Kilmer Creek Cedar Amish Adirondack chair

  • The chair is made of high-quality cedar wood that is rot, insect, and damage resistant and durable enough to last for a long time without any problem.
  • Made by Amish community workers whose furniture are known for stately design and of being premium quality.
  • Foldable and lightweight, hence can be carried to other locations with ease. Fit it into the boot of your car and carry it to beaches or picnics you attending, this chair will blend in perfectly anywhere.
  • You have the option to either paint the chair with any color of your choice or stain it frequently to preserve its natural color. Alternatively, you can leave it be and with time the chair’s color will turn into this attractive silver color.
  • The chair doesn’t peel or chip with time, hence with least care, they look as good as on the day you first bought them.
  • The chair is comfortable to sit on with its contoured seat and wide armrests. So if you are suffering from back pains and sitting on chairs for a long time aggravate the situation, don’t worry cause this chair will provide you the comfort you deserve.

Cons of Kilmer Creek Cedar Adirondack Chair

  • The chair comes with pre-assembled components with instructions on how to assemble them perfectly. However, many people found these instructions to be not clear and a little bit complicated.
  • The chair comes in an unfinished state, hence you have to sandpaper it to give a finished look.
  • Because of the cedar’s soft nature, you need to provide washers between the joints of the chair while you assemble it.
Buy Kilmer Creek Folding Natural Cedar Adirondack Chair,

Buying an Adirondack chair can be a tough decision, especially with all the choices present in the market. You need a chair which is not only durable and comfortable but also looks good and attractive. Not all the Adirondack chairs tend to satisfy all the above criteria. But Kilmer Creek Adirondack chairs fit all the bills perfectly. These chairs are meant for someone who likes comfort but doesn’t want to compromise on the looks as well.

This Adirondack chair is a great combination of beauty and comfort and a must-buy for people looking for high-quality Adirondack chairs