Keter Adirondack Chair Review and Buying Advice (2022)

Keter Adirondack Chair Seating buying guide and Review

Want to bestow a nifty relaxer that makes your life a little easy? Then grab a stress buster by which you relish some peaceful time over a weekend. It is a must-have for your outdoor area as it redefines the whole concept of your patios, decks, porches, and even dining areas. Therefore, create your space extra comfy by placing Adirondack chairs a.k.a. Westport chairs for you and your dear ones. Read our review on Keter Adirondack chair.

We already know that after it seeped into the market people are drooling over this classic design. So, if you want to rejuvenate yourself from soul to sole then surely you have come to the right place. In this buying guide, we sink you to Keter Adirondack Chair Seating which is probably the best thing in the market.

Before we heads-on to the furniture piece, have a look at what it is? Adirondack chair is simply a recliner with a reversed slanted seat and back adjacent to the surface. It is engineered in a way to tranquilize yourself with a hefty spine and bottom support.Keter Adirondack Chair review

Let’s dive in and have a look at the Alpine Adirondack Chair by Keter! Read also wooden adirondack chair reviews.

Why choose the Keter Adirondack Chair Seating? 

Probably, you’re wondering about its intriguing features, right! Well, this Alpine Adirondack chair by Keter has a lot to give you. Its dark grey color offers you a finished matte yet woody look with its sturdy appearance. It is manufactured from high-quality polythene, a robust plastic that needs zero maintenance. Its first impression will engender a thought that it is made of wood. But in reality, it just mimics teak wood outlook.

Keter Adirondack Chair & Features:

Keter Adirondack Chair Features

Weather Resistant                  

Its stout material helps it shield from the scorching heat, UV rays, and extreme weather conditions like snow winters, strong coastal winds, and salt spray. Its slanted design sheds rainwater off and you can simply dry it after a heavy storm. Keter Adirondack chair gives you a word of honor that it resists the wear and tears of the bucolic surroundings in contrast with the wood material. You don’t need to fret about cracking, flaking, diminishing about its dark grey finish. THUS, NO NEED FOR MAINTENANCE!

Slim outlook 

Its promising silhouette and sleek appearance with 5 Slat-Back will be eye-catching for the ones who want to invigorate their garden space. Its shell shape appearance, slender legs, and wide armrests will give you a good rest while enjoying the chirping of birds in your garden. Its heavy-duty construction helps it to resist all types of weather.

All Season Placement 

Don’t contemplate that you will use this Keter Adirondack chair only in the summer season. I mean it is for all year round. You can enjoy a bonfire or barbeque in winter with your friends or family chilling around the fire. Isn’t it an awesome yet warm feeling! Also, you can give yourself a beach vibe by placing it under the sun and aside from your swimming pool because it is waterproof. Additionally, you can décor your front porch area by it. What say? Are you ready to put them as a balcony or patio set?

Rugged Construction

To avail more comfiness you can add some furry chair cushions or pillows and adore the sense of being at ease. It comes with a huge dimension of 31.9″ D x 31.5″W x 39.8″H, with a loading capacity of 350 lbs. Its stainless-steel yet anti-rust hardware makes it unique from its peer. This is the reason that it lifts so much weight.

Smart Cupholder

Also, if you want to sit with a glass of cocktail in your hand then there is no need to hold it up for an hour or so. Its ergonomically designed cup holder will give you a sense of freeness too. You’ll love this thought-provoking inbuilt holder which is designed especially for you! So, sit back and relax in the sun with a glass of your favorite drink.

Easy to Clean

Moreover, if you’ve your little adventures roaming around and you fear that they will spill something on your Adirondack Chair, then don’t worry. This product by Keter will offer you a stainless and non-corrosive surface. This property of Alpine Adirondack Chair by Keter will make it easy to clean. Just grab a soft bristle brush and clean it with some soapy water to remove any filth or grim from Keter Furniture.

Easy Transportation and Assembly

You can drag it to anywhere you want such as a park or lake because of its easy assembly and folding. So, if you have a small space and you want to put something else in your garden area then this design will be easy for you to store somewhere else. Thus, if you are on vacations to sandy beaches or even hilly areas just take this added comfort with you.

Its assembly just takes ten minutes. Just thoroughly read the manufacturer guidelines to assemble it. Fixed all the labeled pieces and gather them with some hardware tools. Go with an electric screwdriver or power drill to fix the pieces.


Alpine Adirondack Chair by Keter comes in only three color options crisp white, teal, and dark grey. Don’t be sad about the fewer color alternatives I mean can find out the perfect fit to décor your patios, pool area, decks, and fire pits. And match it with the exquisite rugs, pillows, and side tables.

Seat Height

Seat height is a vital issue when it comes to ease. Keter Adirondack chair seating has a seat height of 15.4 inches and this allows adequate support to your knees and legs with an offer that your feet feel the gravity. Alpine Adirondack Chair by Keter is a perfect blend when it comes to dimensions as it has a moderate height which must be there as compared to its peers.

For instance, if this chair seat height is high then your dangling legs will put a lot of strain on your back and leave a feeling of discomfort after short sitting. However, if it is too short then your knees will touch the ground and will bend. But no worries with this piece of furniture as it will give you a complete set of well-being.

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PROs of Keter Adirondack chair cushion
  • Easy assembly in just 10 minutes
  • Low maintenance
  • Easy to clean and wash
  • UV technology
  • Water-resistance
  • Withstand extreme weather condition
  • long-lasting functionality
  • Stainless steel hardware for non-erosion
  • Partially-contoured and wide armrest
  • Cup or bottle holder
  • Cozy backrest
  • 20 years warranty

CONs of Keter Adirondack chair cushion
  • Fewer color options
  • No locking clips
  • A bit tight for some folks
  • Cup is not fixed
Why Adirondack Chairs are Popular?

What is so distinctive about Adirondack chairs?

For sure, it is the art and functionality which make it the perfect fit for anyone anywhere. This blend will give you an aesthetic décor in your outdoor spaces. Its holistic capacity entails tranquillity, leisure, and peace. Its spaciousness will let you seat yourself for hours without even hurting your back.

Adirondack chairs are built in a way so that they equally divide your weight across thighs and spine. So, no matter how many hours you spend on this chair you didn’t feel strain passing in your upper thighs and back. If you think about the capital, it marks then no worries as its durable material gives you an essence of longevity. You feel this product is worth the investment. People don’t just like its classy yet massy stature but its resilience as well.

Plus, if any one of you is fond of gatherings, family outdoors, picnic with friends, late-night bonfire, or even talking to the mother nature in your garden then yes, it is a perfect go-to.


From our above guide about Alpine Adirondack Chair by Keter you surely thought it is the perfect fit for your area. So, what are you waiting for getting this furniture piece is décor your garden patio surrounding via this loaded comfort?

These seats are extra classy, cushy, and modish. For that matter, it embodies America’s history of 2000 and late. People add them to their landscape and you know what this trend never fails to impress your dear ones.

Its inclined layout makes it an absolute item seat for a quick nap or even comfort. Its high quality is an A-grade choice and it armors your posture for many years.

What are you thinking? Give us your feedback in the comment section and let us know about your experience with this premium quality Alpine Adirondack Chair by Keter. Happy buying!

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