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Discover what all things you need to check before buying Top Adirondack chairs which can provide comfort along with stylish design and warranty. Choose from wooden,plywood,teak or plastic chairs. If you’d like to learn also about accessories you need along with it such as cushions and covers this site is enough for you.


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Best Adirondack Chairs- Lengthy Reviews & Ratings

What are the Adirondack Chairs?

Adirondack Chairs are typically designed outdoor chairs, traditionally made from Wood. The original design as created by Thomas Lee was made up of 11 flat wooden boards, with a flat seat and back, the armrests were made parallel to the ground. Over the period, a concave back and contoured seats have begun to be incorporated for added comfort.Adirondack chair introduction

Top Adirondack Chair Quick Comparison

Product NameFrame Material ColorChair Capacity
WarrantyBuy Now
1.Highwood Classic Westport Recycled plasticMulti-Color 500 12 Years Check Price
2.Lifetime faux wood WoodMulti-Color 300 5 Years Check Price
3.Polywood FoldingPolystyrene
Multi-Color 400 12 Years Check Price
4.Phat Tommy Recycled Poly resin
Multi-Color 450 10 Years Check Price

Why do you need an Adirondack Chair?

Owing to its history, Adirondack Chair does have an old-world charm and elegance. You can put them in your lawn, decks, backyard, cottages, gazebo or even by the pool. It brings with it a feeling of calmness and comfort. Just imagine lazing in the warm summer months with a cool drink and conversing with your friends or loved ones! You can invite your guests for lounging for a couple of hours under the sun, and enjoy the beautiful outdoor landscape. Placing them on the outdoors does create an inviting appeal to the overall area.

Materials used for Adirondack Chair

Materials used for Adirondack Chair

  • Pine: Pine is commonly available and is relatively cheaper than most other woods. If you can maintain it properly, pine Adirondack Chairs can last a couple of years. One should apply a primer and a UV rating top coat so that Pine Adirondack Chair can be kept outside throughout the year.
  • Teak: It is a very heavy hardwood and most sought after for furniture. Since Teak’s availability is limited, prices of Adirondack Chairs made out of Teak wood can be as high as three times of those of the Pine ones. You are not required to worry about maintaining teak Adirondack Chair as it is very durable and is naturally resistant to termites. Once bought, teak Adirondack Chair can last you for generations to come.
  • Cedar: Cedar is the best softwood available and is known for its longevity. It has Cedar oil, which protects the furniture from bugs and insects and also it is resistant to rot. If you are living in wet climates, then you can buy Cedar Adirondack Chair as the wood naturally adjusts to the moisture conditions in the environment. Apply a sealant, and Cedar Adirondack Chair can last for several decades.
  • Cypress: Cypress is resistant to warping as it has fine, very tight grain particles. Like cedar wood, Cyprus also has natural oils that repel bugs and insects. It also prevents the wood from rotting.
  • Oak: Oak is also one of the favorite hardwood. Your Oak Adirondack Chair would look very beautiful and moreover, they are resistant to insects and weathering. It is not as water resistant as cedar, so you will have to apply a sealant to your Oak Adirondack Chair once a year for its longevity.
  • Mahogany: Mahogany wood gives plenty of character. It is a hardwood, so is resistant to decay and it is much more scratch resistant than cedar and pine.
  • Shorea: Shorea wood also has insect repellent properties and can sustain harsher weather conditions. If you like the light brown wood color, you can treat the Shorea Adirondack Chair with teak oil.
  • Eucalyptus: Like Teak, Eucalyptus is also weather resistant and maintain its shape in even after continuous exposure to harsh weather. It is also very lightweight.
  • PolyWood: PolyWood although is recycled plastic, one can hardly tell the difference as it appears like any other right wood. Moreover, it would need the least maintenance as it wouldn’t rot, decay or be infected with insects. If you like bright colored Adirondack Chair to glam up your space, you can opt from one of the many colors available in PolyWood Adirondack Chair.
  • Plastic: Unlike wood, plastic demands for the least maintenance and is most affordable of all. You can choose any color under the sun and the color will not fade even in the harsh sun.

While buying the Adirondack Chair, the first and foremost important thing to consider is the material used. Traditionally, Adirondack Chairs were made from wood, but now with changing times, a variety of materials have come into the picture, which we have compiled and carefully reviewed for you.

Reviews of The Best Adirondack chairs Available

Shopping for Adirondack chairs could get confusing and slightly overwhelming as there are so many options available in the market. You need a chair that suits your style while giving comfort and elegance and one that perfectly blends with your surroundings. Considering all the aspects in terms of the variety of materials and styles to choose from, we have reviewed the top best-rated Adirondack chairs as available on Amazon, so that you can put your worries behind and straight away buy the right Adirondack chair for your outdoors.

  1. Highwood classic Westport Adirondack chair

Made from 100% recycled plastic, the fine grain detailing on this chair looks just like a wooden chair, with pros of very little to zero maintenance. You can leave it outside for all year round and the color would not fade away and it is available in 11 different shades to choose from.  While some say that the angle between the seat and back can get a tad uncomfortable, it has proven to be having the most comfortable back by many. You can check further details Here Dimensions: 30″W x 40″H x 33″d; Weight: 35 pound

  1. Lifetime faux wood Adirondack Chair

Made from weather-resistant simulated wood, this is the best version for a traditional classic Adirondack chair. The maintenance required is least and these are available at very affordable price points. You can choose from 5 earthy colors, all simulating to the beauty of wooden chairs. Assembling could be a bit tiresome, so one can refer to the video guide available. You can check further details on Amazon Here Dimensions: 43 x 7.8 x 22.5 inches; Weight :37 pound

  1. Polywood Folding Adirondack Chair

This encompasses a traditional Adirondack Chair with a rot free, fade resistant Polywood material. It is the most comfortable chair in this category. It is foldable means you can carry it and relax wherever you need. It is a one-time investment piece, which does not require you to assemble, and that would last for many years. You can check further details on Amazon Here Dimensions: 30 x 46 x 10 inches; Weight: 38 pound

  1. Phat Tommy Recycled Poly resin Adirondack Chair

It is made up of heavy-duty polymer which is sturdier and heavier than wooden chairs. Since it is synthetic, you can keep it outside all year round. It is provided with oversized arms for greater comfort. You can choose from a host of colors as available. Assembling this would need two people, so ask a friend or a loved one to lend a hand. You can check further details on Amazon Here Dimensions: 35 x 30 x 37 inches; Weight: 43 pound

Buy Phat Tommy Recycled Poly resin Adirondack Chair

Things to consider while Buying Adirondack Chair

So now that you have decided to buy Adirondack Chair, it is essential for you to know the necessary information regarding styles, the material used, color, the degree of maintenance required, etc to make a sound decision. We know there is much information out there and it can get a bit overwhelming, so do not worry, we have got you covered! Below is our top buying guide specially curated for you.

Types of Adirondack Chairs

Modern Adirondack Chair has many different varieties and styles to choose from, for a simplistic and contemporary look, you can opt for the basic Adirondack Chair that features a comfortably reclined back, wide armrest that is also used to place drinks, and its height is much lower to the ground. A modern version of this would be the ones available in bright colors, which can be useful in your garden or patio. It also features a designed, stylish backrest, the comfort offered is the same as that of the traditional version. If you need a slight twist to this, how about a rocking Adirondack Chair? Also known as Adirondack rocking chairs, these are more spacious, unlike the traditional rocking chairs. You can place these rocking Adirondack Chair in your porch and laze in warm summer days! For lounging by the pool, you have Adirondack lounge chairs. It has all the features of a regular Adirondack Chair, but instead of putting your legs down, you can lay and relax with your feet up. If you want your Adirondack Chair to be portable, you can look for foldable Adirondack Chair! Yes, they are also available, you can carry them to a beach or a picnic spot, sit back, relax and enjoy the view! Sounds divine, doesn’t it?   How can we forget our tiny tots? Now Adirondack Chair is also available in a wide variety of colors for our children too, which are perfect in size, offering the same comfort and style!

Adirondack Chair Shapes:

  • Michigan: The classic chair made out of the material of your choice. The back is curved and carved in the form of the US state of Michigan for aesthetic appeal
  • High top Adirondack Chair: It a slight twist to the traditional Adirondack Chair, wherein the seat is raised to accommodate individuals with long legs
  • Large Adirondack Chair: Also known as an oversized Adirondack Chair, they offer more room to stretch out and relax. Sometimes it’s built large enough to accommodate two people so that you can relax with your loved one!
  • Classic Adirondack Chair: This is a traditionally styled Adirondack Chair, with a flat seat and a slightly curved back with hand rests parallel to the ground.

Best Brands Available for Adirondack Chair Today:

Leisure Line
Their Adirondack Chair is made of very high-quality recycled plastic (HDPE), and the design is the hybrid version of Canadian and American
These handcrafted Adirondack chairs have distinctive colors and patterns. It is characterized by tall back, comfortable seating angle and full arms.
Adirondack Lawn Chair
The Chairs are elegant and durable.
These Adirondack chairs have a more traditional touch to them. Handcrafted entirely out of wood, they resemble more or less like the original Adirondack. They also come in various attachments and styles regarding a rocking Adirondack and Adirondack with built-in ottomans etc., with many vibrant colors to choose from.

Maintenance and Care of Adirondack Chair:

Adirondack Chair like any other piece of furniture does ask of support and care from time to time depending on the material used. If it is a polywood or plastic Adirondack Chair, the maintenance required would be low as compared to the wooden Adirondack Chair. Kindly go through our guideline below on how you can care for your Adirondack Chair and ensure its longevity. Check our best Adirondack chair plans.

Cleaning of Adirondack Chair:

You can clean your Adirondack Chair with mild soap and washcloth in every couple of months, ensure that the soap had rinsed off thoroughly and then wood is completely dried. Alternatively, you can buy a good wood cleaner and a soft brush from the local hardware store and clean the chairs. If a pressure washer is accessible, then that is the best way to wash the Adirondack Chair. In case of any spillage, kindly clean it immediately with a wet cloth.

Material For Outdoor Use:

Although the Adirondack Chair meant for outdoor use, specific wood like Cedarwood is particularly useful in case of a wet climate. Adirondack Chair made of Polywood or plastic is the safest to use for outdoors. If going for wooden Adirondack Chair, it should be coated with enamel and protective stain to ensure the least maintenance.

Refinishing a wooden Adirondack Chair:

Although the frequency of refinishing the Wooden chair is not defined, it usually depends on the use and your climatic conditions. Over a period, depending on the amount of exposure to the natural atmosphere and your maintenance and care, the Adirondack Chair would wither with time. Some people like the weathered look and some people like to repaint them and keep a fresher look.

Weather finish for your Adirondack Chair:

Depending on your choice, you can use a spar varnish or tung oil for coating your Adirondack Chair. If you would like to paint, be sure to use a good primer on the bare wood before applying paint, it would give a better finish to the paint. Paint would last from 1-3 years and offers the best form of protection to the chairs.

Type of Paint to be Used:

You can opt for either an oil-based or water-based paint for your Adirondack Chair. Oil-based colors are long lasting but are also hazardous to the environment and are messy to clean up. Water-based paints are environment-friendly and more comfortable to clean. Nowadays, environment-friendly oil paint like tung oil or linseed oil are available, and you can check and ask for them in your local hardware store.

Care for Wet Climate:

Apart from opting for Cedarwood which adjusts itself as per the outdoor moisture, you can apply a coat of spar varnish on any type of wood, which will inhibit any molds from developing from time to time.

Care for Sunny Climate:

You can opt for a wood finish that offers UV protection. In Sunny climates, the wood tends to weather faster, and the natural color becomes silvery grey. We would suggest instead of repainting, which would not last long, you can keep the weathered look as it is. Its deterioration will stop at this stage, and it will even have enhanced UV protection.

Care For The Winters:

It is advisable that you store your ADIRONDACK CHAIR indoors in your storage or shed after covering them with a cover cloth in the winters. Ensure that the wood is dry and there is no moisture. Otherwise, there are chances of mold infestation because of the moisture in the wood.

Care for plastic Adirondack Chair:

You can keep the plastic Adirondack Chair outside all year, without any worry of deterioration. You will not have to re-paint or refinish these chairs. You can clean them with soapy water and dry with a towel. Avoid the use of any harsh chemicals or solvents while cleaning. These chair demand for least maintenance.

Adirondack Chair Extensions and Accessories

Adirondack Chair in itself adds a very nice touch of sophistication to your exterior living space. They are Not only comfortable and relaxing but also you can add a personal touch by incorporating a variety of Adirondack Chair accessories as available in the market. We have carefully picked out a few ideas that you can consider. Do try these pieces to glam up and enrich your space.

Chair and Table
Buying a set makes sense for all the social reasons. You have matching chairs for all your guests, a side table or a full Adirondack Chair dining set for those BBQ nights!
Adirondack Chair Wine Holder
You can add the adjustable wine holder to your Adirondack Chair arm and enjoy your favorite wine while relaxing on your chair! These holders are appropriate to use in any style of Adirondack Chair you own.
Chair Cushions
Cushions add a bit of cozy vibe to space. You can get a variety of cushions styles, colors, materials, shape etc. In addition to living up space, they add a layer of extra comfort! We have reviewed a cushion from Amazon for you, to help you get the best product available.
Headrest Pillow
When relaxing is the motive, how about adding a headrest Pillow? These come in a variety of simple and fun patterns and colors and provide exceptional comfort.
Adirondack Chair Cover
To protect your favorite Adirondack Chair from dust and other elements, cover it with Adirondack Chair cover, when not in use or while storing. They can resist any weather conditions and crack.
Yes, Adirondack Chair in itself is hugely relaxing, add to it an Ottoman, and the comfort rises a notch. You can get a matching Ottoman set along with your Adirondack Chair. These ottomans can come as a separate piece which you can place in front of your Adirondack Chair to raise your feet up, or they can be fitted in the chair (built-in ottoman), below the sit and can be pulled out whenever needed.

Review of the Best Cushion Available for Adirondack Chair

Plant Theatre Adirondack Chair Luxury High Back Cushion with Head Pillow: Crafted from water-resistant polyester, this cushion provides the most comfort for your Adirondack Chair. It has a high back cushion and a detachable headrest to provide support for your back as well as your head. It has fabric to be tied at the base and a band that perfectly holds the back. The polyester material ensures that you can remove the cushion cover and wash to keep them clean and fresh. For more information and to order this piece, you can check on Amazon Here Dimension: 22.8 x 19.3 x 2 inches ; Weight: 3.24 pounds


Adirondack Chair is the perfect example of the style, comfort, and elegance, reason why it has managed to be in high demand for the longest of time. The above guide is to help you choose the right Chair for your needs. While selecting the chair, the foremost important thing is to choose the right kind of material. While wood is the choice for people who love to keep a traditional piece, you can achieve the same look, with a synthetic resin or polywood material, which are environment-friendly, and demand for least maintenance. Moreover, you can choose any color under the umbrella, which goes well with your overall décor. Adding some accessories like headrest pillow or cushion or a wine glass holder adds a personal touch. Adirondack chairs are iconic, no matter what style or size you choose. It would add a touch of luxury to your property. You and your guest would appreciate the comfort and relaxation on warm sunny days. Once you tackle the basic questions like the style of chair you need, the color, where do you plan to keep it and how do you want to use it, you would have an unambiguous picture for investing in the right Adirondack Chair for you.

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