What are the Best Wood for Building Adirondack Chairs ?

The Adirondack chair is basically an outdoor armchair having the angled back and seat made of wide, generally wooden slats. This has been around since the early 1900s and was originally known as the Westport Chair named after a small town in New York close to the Adirondack Mountains.best wood for Adirondack chairs

A Brief About Adirondack chair

The chair’s back offers only the right angle for dozing off, and the wide arms easily accommodate the cool drink or your favorite book. Hours simply go by when you’re kicking back in a comfortable seat.

Mainly, the Adirondack chairs were painted brown or dark green. But in recent times, you can simply find the Adirondack chair in a variety of colors, designs, finishes or materials that fit your personal style. The famous Adirondack chair favorite is made from the cedar wood since this is absolutely lightweight and rot resistant. So, if you really want to choose any of the Adirondack chairs, you can choose any of your preferred material.

Do you want a proper customized chair? Do you want to give a personal touch to your own chair? Then Adirondack chair plans, as well as basic carpentry skills, are the two significant things to consider in order building your chair. Since all these kinds of chairs follow identical and standard design and style, most of the plans available online are quite similar to each other. Basically, the Adirondack chairs are made of lots of material, but amongst all, choosing the right one like wood is the top idea for your  DIY project.

While going to purchase the Adirondack chairs, the prime and absolutely main thing to consider is the material. These chairs were made from the solid wood, but now as the time is changing, a variety of materials have also come into the picture. In fact, ample amount of manufacturers have selected some of the great material to make the chairs. Here is a list of few materials that have been used to make the chairs. know more about the story behind Adirondack chairs.

Wood Types for Making Adirondack Chairs

When it comes to choosing the chair, the first and foremost thing that you always consider is wood. Various kinds of wood can be used to make the classic Adirondack chair. Each and every type of wood simply reflects the longevity and quality of the chair. Wood always helps the manufacturer to make some solid, durable and long lasting chairs. Make sure to check out wooden Adirondack chairs


PINE for building adirondack chairsPine is accessible commonly, and this is comparatively inexpensive than the other woods. But all you need is the maintenance. If you are able to maintain the pine wood, then you will be able to keep the chair for a long time without any damage. In addition to that, it can last almost a couple of years as well. Pine is good for the short term, but this is actually prone to water damage and rotting. Besides, pine can last long once this is finished along with the primer and also UV rating top coat. But as the wood is way cheaper than any other wood, a lot of people out there opt for this material.


cedarCedar is the most excellent softwood for permanence, as it is logically impermeable to rot and the cedar oils deter insects. Cedar is the option wood for boardwalks, decks, and such due to its high sturdiness and simple accessibility over the places. The blemishes and some marks can be easily sanded away, and Cedar can last many generations. If left unfinished, this will eventually turn to the actual soft silvery grey. Check out best cedar adirondack chairs.

After a decade of use, small fissures will simply show up on the wood surface, but they do not really compromise the strength or life of the wood. There are a lot of species of cedar, but the longest lasting of them is Western Red Cedar. This wood is also not very pricey and which is why this has gained massive popularity among the people. They love to make the chair by using this material.


Teak for making Adirondack chairsTeak is also one of the toughest materials, which have gained huge popularity. This is actually a very heavy hardwood that can last for generations. So it can be used for constructing some heavy Adirondack chairs. Its thickness makes the heavyweight to this wood, and like cedar, this is normally impervious to termites. Teak is also imported and not the native wood to North America, and along with the actual heavyweight and high demand it is quite expensive (up to 3 times the price of products made of cedar, and up to 6 times the price of products made of pine). Teak is quite difficult to care for as it does not take a stain well. Make sure to check best teak Adirondack chairs.


Oak tree for constructing adirondack chairsWhen it comes to wood for making the chairs, oak is one of the finest options for a lot of people. Basically, this is one of the preferred materials for a lot of people as well. Your Oak Adirondack chair would look very gorgeous and moreover, they are resistant to insects and weathering. But just like cedar, this is not water resistant and which is why you need to apply the sealant to this wood.


Mahogany TreeMahogany is also one of the preferred woods when it comes to choosing the best Adirondack chair. It offers an ample amount of character. This is basically a hardwood, so is resistant to decompose and this is much more scratch resistant than pine and cedar.


eucalyptus treeWhen it comes to choosing one of the best woods for the Adirondack chair, you need to make sure that you research about the woods in a proper manner and then decide to keep your hands on the one. So, besides each and every wood, Eucalyptus is also one of the best woods to use in making the chair. Just like Teak, Eucalyptus has also gained massive popularity. One of the interesting things about the wood is that this is absolutely weather resistant. And you can easily maintain the chair even after continuous exposure to harsh weather. This is durable and long-lasting, but this is quite lightweight.


cypress treeMost of the Cypress trees are found in the Southern US States and the South Atlantic States.  It simply grows in the swamps and has a conical base, along with roots that seem to stand out in the water.  Cypress is logically resistant to deterioration from UV sunlight, insects and moisture.

Like some other trees, the heartwood of old-growth Cypress has the highest resistance to rot with the second-growth trees having moderate resistance.  Besides the other wood, cypress is also used in making the chair. This specific wood is absolutely hassle-free as this just needs no such finish, but is totally beautiful along with the coat of UV protectant stain applied. You can also maintain the beautiful rich brown color if you want to recoat this every 12 to 18 months. The initial cost is somewhat expensive, but much lower than the Teak and a real bargain when you consider the 25 plus year durability rating. So, if you really desire for the Adirondack chair, which is both solid and beautiful as they get then Ipe is a wood to consider seriously.

Polywood Adirondack chairs

This is very common for the homeowners to turn to Polywood Adirondack chairs as the place to relax after a long day. The reason for this is just because they are not only comfortable, but they are also very practical. There is no such better place to relax after a whole long day at work then your back patio watching the sunset. When people have a comfortable place to sit, they will be able to relax and clear the mind.

One of the important things about the chair is that this is not just comfortable but simple to clean as well. In fact, you can easily customize the chair. As the wood is quite soft and smooth, you can paint on it too. You can make some beautiful designs on it as well. These chairs are good for any outdoor or indoor seating arrangements.

Other Materials for Making Adirondack chairs


Unlike the wood, plastic simply demands the least maintenance and is most affordable of all. You can select any kind of color under the sun, and the color will not fade even in the harsh sun. These are also quite durable and long lasting. But there is a disadvantage of plastic furniture is that there isn’t actually that much option when it comes to design. Since this type of furniture is massively produced, manufacturers regularly stick to only a few moldings for the PVC. But some of the manufacturers are there that actually make the chairs from the recycled plastic, and that is why these are resistant to discoloration.

A lot of people out there opt for the Adirondack chair in their house, and that is why they also look for the best material too. But while going to choose the best Adirondack chair, besides the material, they also need to look for the durability, size, shape, color, and design as well.

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