What Are Adirondack chairs- Introduction and Types

Do you know what defines American summer? Adirondack chairs.

Adirondack chairs are inarguably one of the most popular outdoor chairs. In Canada, they are known as Muskoka chairs. Known for their wide seats, large armrests, and angled backs, they are usually made of wood or plastic.

If you are new to these chairs and surprised why everyone loves these chairs so much, we’d like to clarify that they are super comfortable and you can easily sit and lounge on them for hours at a time.What Are Adirondack chairs

Adirondack chairs History

The history of Adirondack chairs goes back to 1903 when a novice woodworker, Thomas Lee, created the first prototype. In fact, he made several prototypes of comfortable outdoor chairs from 11 pieces of wood of the same tree. Then his family tried out each of those chairs and eventually decided upon the chair we now popularly known as  the Adirondack chair.

Lee showed his design to a friend, Harry Bunnell who was a carpenter and asked him to start making these for the people. Bunnell recognized the potential of these chairs and without Lee’s knowledge got them patented under his name. For the next twenty years, Bunnell received huge profits out of making these chairs while Lee got nothing and there is no proof that he sought any profit as well.history of Adirondack chairs

And where did this incident took place? The Adirondack region in upstate NY.

With time, other chair manufacturers started copying the design and making similar chairs and while Bunnell named his chairs the Westport chairs ( the town in which Lee and Bunnell lived), ultimately the chairs got the name of Adirondack chairs.

Types of Adirondack chairs

Not many changes have been done to Adirondack chair since it was invented in 1903. But still, with time, they have evolved and are now available in different types

The Traditional Adirondack Chair

This is the chair you will see in most people’s backyards. It has been used for a long time as patio furniture and is popular because of its spacious seat which gives a recline and a headrest. The back of this chair is straight whereas you’d find the seat to be backward angled. The large armrest is also much appreciated. This chair is made of wood which gives it a classy look

Plastic Adirondack chair

Plastic Adirondack chairif you wish to buy some inexpensive garden furniture, we would like to suggest you plastic Adirondack chairs. Also, the chair is extremely lightweight so you can easily carry it with you to places. Usually, plastic Adirondack chairs will weigh around 8 lbs, making it extremely portable. Also stacking these chairs is much easy than in the case of wooden Adirondack chairs. These chairs also come in numerous colors, so choose any that goes with your style.

Adirondack Chairs with Ottomans

Adirondack Chairs with OttomansIf you ask us, we are biased towards these. Cause who doesn’t like to relax, put their feet up and enjoy being in the sun. One problem people with leg problem face in the Adirondack chair is that it is really close to the ground. Sitting on it for a few hours only will give them leg pain. But with Adirondack chairs that come with ottomans, they can spread their legs easily and have a great time.

High-density Polyethylene Adirondack chair

HDPE adirondack chairsHigh-density Polyethylene or HDPE is a great choice for your Adirondack chair if you want something durable and easy to maintain. Water resistant, wind resistant and rust resistant- what more can you ask for. The chair will last you a long time and hence it’s a very good investment. But it is also more expensive than your wood or plastic chair but with the benefits it provides, we are sure you won’t feel that extra pinch.

Different Styles of Adirondack Chairs

Adirondack chairs have evolved keeping in mind the comfort of people and there are different styles available in the market to suit the different needs of the people. If you think all Adirondack chairs are the same, we got a list for you that’s going to help you make a better purchasing choice:

1. Classic Adirondack chairs
we already talked about this one. Going strong since 1903, it’s pretty much all you need as your ideal patio furniture.
2. Oversized Adirondack chairs
These chairs are what the name suggests. An oversized version of your Adirondack chairs. They got wider seats, armrests and with a smaller spacing of slats on the seats.
3. Long Island Adirondack chairs
The difference here is the style of the back. With a curve that’s flowier and a back that’s closed, people love these chairs a lot.
4.South Beach Adirondack chairs
These Adirondack chairs are built for tall people. They got wider armrests and frame for tall people to settle comfortably on them.
5. Palm coast Adirondack chairs
These chairs look quite sophisticated with armrests that are contoured and beautiful backs which are round shaped.
6. Seashell Adirondack chairs
These come with waterfall seats which help in providing comfort and helps you maintain the right posture.
7. Quattro Adirondack chairs
This is a modern take on the classic Adirondack chairs. Looks modern with straight backs and goes well with your other contemporary décor.
8. Kids Adirondack chairs
These chairs are for your children because they need nice comfortable furniture as well. You can also buy matching chairs for your entire family as most of the companies make kids Adirondack chairs as well. They look very adorable and are available in beautiful vibrant colors. Go ahead and pick that yellow, pink, red Adirondack chair for your tiny tots.

We love Adirondack chairs and we are quite certain that you do too. This staple summer garden furniture is amazing and a must have for every person who likes spending his/her time relaxing and having fun with friends and family outside. And with so many types of these chairs available, we are sure you going to have a gala time purchasing one for your home. Learn more about Adirondack chairs on Our website.

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