How To Make Best Adirondack Chair Cushions?

Adirondack Chair Cushions


Adirondack chairs are a great addition to any backyard- they look stylish, sophisticated and are ultra-comfortable. But what makes these chairs more comfortable and plush are the Adirondack cushions. You can easily buy them online, they are available in different types of colors and designs.

Adirondack chair cushion

But buying these cushions can prove to burn a big hole in your pocket, especially when you are on a stingy budget. Also, not all the cushions available online are worth your time and money. Many of them might look attractive but just after few days of usage, their color fades or their stitch breaks.

However, if you know basic stitch work and are handy with the sewing process, you can make your own Adirondack budget cushion in no more than an hour. The whole process is so simple and easy to do that you’d be left amazed. No need to be an expert seamstress to make a fabulous Adirondack chair cushion.

Given below is a basic plan which will help you get started in making an Adirondack chair cushion for your chairs.

Before heading to the plan, it’s important to decide upon the type of fabric you want to choose for your cushion. The type you choose actually depends upon how you use your Adirondack chair. If you keep your Adirondack chair outside most of the time irrespective of the weather, you need a fabric that doesn’t spoil with too much rain or takes too much time to dry itself. It also shouldn’t lose its color due to too much exposure to sunlight and should be easy to clean and maintain.

Adirondack chair cushions materials Needed

Materials needed

Any fabric of your choice. Either you can opt to use a fabric that’s available with you or buy sunbrella fabric from the shops which are more durable, weather and fade resistant.

  • Button thread
  • Standard weight thread
  • Foam sheet measuring 2-inch
  • Tape measure
  • Scissors
  • Sewing needle
  • Pins
  • Sewing machine
  • Pencil

Steps on making your own Adirondack chair cushion

Steps on making your own Adirondack chair cushion:

  • Cut the foam sheet as 20 by 30 inch for the back of the cushion and 20 by 18 inch for the seat of the cushion
  • Now, it’s time to cut the fabric. Cut two pieces of your chosen fabric measuring 23 by 44 inches.
  • Using a sewing machine and standard weight thread sew the two pieces of fabric together by keeping the right sides together. Sew the three sides together( two 44 inch sides and one 23 inch side) again to make sure that the stitching is strong and won’t come apart by normal wear and tear.
  • Stuff the two foams sheets that you cut in step 1 inside the cushion case just created by you
  • Now hand sews the open end of the cushion by using a needle and button thread. You need to ensure that the stitching is durable.

  • To create a jagged line that goes across the cushion where the seat and the back part of the two foam sheets inserted by you meet, pin the fabric at that point. This will help in bending of the cushion easily and separate the two foam sheets
  • Next, hand sew a line using button thread from one end of the cushion to another
  • We are almost done with the cushion. The next step is to create the ties. For that, cut four strips of fabric measuring 2 by 14 inches. With each strip of fabric having the wrong side facing up, the long edge should be turned up ½ inches. It’s important to here note that the making of ties is crucial as it helps your cushion to not sliding down from the seat anytime someone sits on the chair.


  • The entire strip should then be folded in half measuring lengthwise. A straight stitch is to be made with the help of a sewing machine along the two long edges and along the raw, short edges, a zigzag stitch is to be made.
  • Hand sews one end of both of the ties to the two sides of the cushions. This sewing should be done at the point where bending of the cushion happens. The other two ties should be sewed 6 inches from the top, again to both sides of the cushion.
  • Your best Adirondack chair cushion is done and ready to use.


DIY Adirondack Chair Cushions

Benefits of making your own DIY Adirondack chair cushion


While it might seem like a hassle at first, making Adirondack chair cushions by yourself has its own advantages.


  • Making Your Own Adirondack chair cushion is much cheaper than buying one from the market. Don’t get us wrong, there are several cheap cushions available as well. But their quality isn’t definitely what you want. Buying a cushion can easily cost you somewhere around 200$ if you are lucky you might stumble upon a sweet deal and get them at a cheaper rate but that rarely happens.


  • You don’t have to be an expert at sewing to make your own Adirondack cushions. They are easy to make and just require a few basic sewing skills. All you want is a sewing machine and the ability to sew a straight line and you are done.


  • There are so many online websites providing you with free detailed instructions on how to make these DIY cushions. Some of these websites also provide video tutorials for your better understanding.


  • Finding a cushion fabric that matches the decor of your house is honestly much easier than finding a cushion that goes well with the rest of the decor. This makes your work so much easier and you are able to create a cushion that in entirety looks fabulous rather than buying one that gives out just acceptable vibes.


Adirondack chair cushion Conclusion


Making Your own Adirondack chair cushion hasn’t been easier. Use our detailed instructions to make a cushion that’s not only durable and sturdy but also attractive and affordable. It also doesn’t take much time to make the cushion at home. In fact, it wouldn’t take more than one hour to get this super attractive and affordable cushion ready.

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