Lifetime Adirondack Chair Review -Should I Buy It? (2022)

Lifetime Adirondack Chair

In this guide read our review on Lifetime Adirondack Chair. We here discuss its main features like comfort, quality, durability, etc.

The popularity of the Adirondack models is increasing with every passing day of the year because of the solid technology that comes with the models. However, if you desired something that will give you pure excellence when it comes to practical delivery, then you can count on Lifetime Adirondack because of the quality that comes with the features.Lifetime Adirondack Chair

Features of Lifetime Adirondack Chair.

  1. material used for adirondack chairQuality

The Lifetime Adirondack Chair comes with UV protected coating which will help from crack or peel. It is very easy to maintain as well; with a simple cleaning in water mixed with soap and your brush, you will get back the excellent curb appeal that greeted your eyes on the first day that you took possession of the chair. Warranty Period for this chair is only 1 Year.

  1. additional requirement adirondack chairMaterial

It is made from wood that has been stimulated with the objective of giving a solid performance. With some models, when they stay outdoors for a prolonged duration of time, the wood will gradually begin to peal and the initial excellent curb appeal will turn to an eyesore. This is never the case with this model under review. The material of this model will never splinter under the harsh realities of the worst of the summer/winter weather because it has been UV protected. If you are looking for polystyrene Adirondack chair then you should buy Lifetime Faux Adirondack chair.

  1. Age recommendedLightweight

Another area that you are expected to consider before you place your order for any of the models online is the mobility of the chair. Some of them have all the excellent features; when you sit on them, every part of the body will get the expected support that they are entitled to in a chair but there is a sour taste to the majority of them in the mouth. They are rather too heavy to move. This is one of the things that Lifetime Adirondack has come to redress. This model is lightweight. You can move it around with effortless ease.

If you want to take it outside to have fun away from home, taking it along will pose no issues because it can be easily folded and lifting it will not pose any issues because it is lightweight. Also, make sure to check Resin Adirondack chairs.

  1. warrantyComfort

The quality of the soup is in the taste when it gets to the mouth. There are many designs online; an excellent and appealing design will never translate into performance. A quality chair should be able to give desired relief to every part of the body without any exception. This is what you are going to get from this model. Your aching spine will get soothing comfort from this model; in the same way, your legs and arm will get desired support from this model while outside trying to get desired relief.

  1. safetyCool Design

Every buyer, especially the sophisticated ones will fancy a design that will wow anyone that comes to their patio. A look at the curb appeal of this model reveals something that is exceptional. You are going to get desired satisfactions when you get possession of this model in your patio. The design is excellent in outlook and at the same time great in the quality of delivery that you are going to get from it when you are seated on it. It is one design that will take your weight no matter how big you are. It is roomy enough to permit a comfortable sitting.

Capacity300 Pounds
Color Rustic Brown, Brown, Black, Harbor Gray
Item Weight 37.4 pounds


  • This model is made from weather resistant stimulated wood to last you for a very long time. With a simple wash, you will reclaim the initial curb appeal of the chair back.
  • The UV protection ensures that this model will not peal/crack even with prolonged stay outdoors.
  • It is stain resistant. When you are cleaning it, you are only getting rid of the accumulation of dust on it
  • This model represents the beauty of wood that does not require any form of maintenance.


  • You have to watch a video of the assembly if you are a newbie if you want to escape spending long hours in its assembling.
  • Not Foldable
  • Where you have issues on its lifetime warranty, disabling it for those who are not experts will produce some challenges.

Lifetime Adirondack chair comes with variations like Chair with and without Ottoman. You can also buy table along with this chair. If you want to purchase the Lifetime Adirondack, you will easily find it Here.

Also, make sure to check review of Adams Adirondack Chair


Lifetime Adirondack is one model that you can count on to get all your desires met in a chair. It is guaranteed that you will get the total support that your entire frame needs while on the chair. This is an investment worth it because you are going to get more than your investment when you take possession of this model. Take your time to watch the video that comes with it because it will give you the privilege of getting the assembling of the parts right. With that, you can enjoy the Lifetime Adirondack for as long as it pleases you!

CR Plastics Adirondack Chair Review (2022)

cr plastics adirondack chair

In this guide read our review on CR Plastic Adirondack Chair. What is the first thing that comes to your mind when someone mentions Adirondack chairs Comfort? Beauty? Summer? All of the above?

cr plastics adirondack chair

Adirondack chairs have been around for years and are a great addition to any backyard and getting on from CR Plastics Adirondack chairs wouldn’t be a bad choice. There are so many Adirondack chairs in the market and let’s be honest every one of them looks amazing. And while that seems like a good thing, it also makes choosing one a daunting task. Check top plastic Adirondack chairs if CR plastics is unavailable.

But don’t worry as we are here to help you. We are going to review one of the most popular Adirondack chairs in the market currently, the Generations line Adirondack chairs by C.R plastic products. We will tell you why this line  of chair is a good purchase and what makes it different from the other similar brands in the market


  1. material used for adirondack chairQuality

The generations Adirondack chair line is made by the company CR plastics. They advertise their chairs as “most comfortable chair in the industry”. Established in the year 1994, the company has focused in Eco friendly products that look like wood but comes with added benefits.

The chair collection of CR plastics come in 3 parts: generation, Stratford deep seating  and St tropez. While St. Tropez is more of a contemporary collection of chairs, Stratford aims at providing maximum comfort and generation line of chairs are your traditional chairs based on the classic look of Adirondack chairs.

  1. additional requirement adirondack chairMaterial

The chair is made of recycled plastic that would otherwise be disposed in landfills creating unnecessary waste. Thus if you are an environment conscious person and want to do your bit to save our mother nature, this chair is the perfect pick for you. The chair not only looks like a wooden chair but has a grainy texture similar to a wooden chair as well.

  1. Age recommendedDesign

The chair has been ergonomically designed to provide maximum comfort to the users. It comes with a contoured seat and back that prevents your back from getting sore while sitting on it for hours. The wide armrests ensure that you can easily keep drinks on it or a book without any discomfort or hassle.

The chair is not only comfortable but also visually attractive. It is available in 10 different colors so you can choose one which matches your backyard’s décor the best.

  1. warrantyCleaning and maintenance

Since the chair is not made of real wood, it’s easy to clean and maintain it. Unlike wood chairs, this one doesn’t require frequent painting or staining to maintain its original look. For cleaning, all you need is soap and water and your chair will look brand new as before.

Maintenance of the chair is quite a breeze as well. It is weather resistant, rot proof, stain and fade resistant. So you can leave the chair outside for hours without any worry that its beautiful color will fade or its look might spoil.

  1. safetyAssembly

The chair doesn’t come pre-assembled but its assembly isn’t much hassle as well. If you follow the instructions provided carefully, you’d manage to assemble the chair in less than twenty minutes and that too without any expert assistance. A video is also provided on YouTube for a better understanding of how to assemble the chair.

Buy CR Plastic Adirondack Chair

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Little Tikes Adirondack Chair Review : Best Kids Adirondack Chair ?

Little Tikes Adirondack Chair Review

Adirondack chairs are such a big part of our lives. Currently, almost every family in the USA with a backyard owns Adirondack chairs. You can buy these individually or for your entire family. Yes, even the kids got their own Adirondack chairs that look super adorable. When paired with adult chairs, they look amazing.Little Tikes Adirondack Chair Review

There are several companies manufacturing kids Adirondack chairs. And while the numerous options excite us, they also make us feel apprehensive. How to buy the right Adirondack chair for my kid? Worry not, cause we got you covered. We have reviewed for you one of the top most popular brand, Little tikes Adirondack chair. Let’s dive deeper into what makes Little Tikes a popular choice.

Little tikes Adirondack chair features

  • warrantyMaterial

While purchasing any Adirondack chair, one thing everyone considers is the material of the chair. And while every material has it’s own pros and cons, the fact that kids grow quickly is undeniable. And while you would love to buy an expensive wood chair for your toddler, you know that he will outgrow it pretty quickly. That’s the reason why plastic is the preferred material.

Little Tikes is made of inexpensive a plastic that is quite durable as well. Use it till your child becomes too big for it or store it for future generation. This chair will endure the most extreme conditions.

  • material used for adirondack chairLightweight

Weighing at just 1.76 pounds, this chair is extremely lightweight. It’s lightweight feature makes it perfect for your kid’s use as well as carrying it to beach or garden parties.

  • additional requirement adirondack chairComfort

Unlike adults, kids get agitated easily. And that’s why the chair you buy for them should be comfortable.

Little tikes Adirondack chairs are extremely comfortable. With wide armrests band a contoured back, it will provide maximum relaxation to your kid. Your kid can sit on the chair for hours without any complaints. And that’s what bliss feels like, really.

  • safetyCool design

This Adirondack chair is made of inexpensive plastic that can be mishandled any way but wouldn’t break. Kids are a little rough with their belongings and hence they need a chair that doesn’t break easily. Wood chairs don’t fit this criterion. But this one does.

The chair is beautiful and pretty adorable. Available in four different vibrant colors- pink, red, orange and green, this chair is the cutest thing ever. And kids are pretty visual. If they don’t like the look of the chair, they wouldn’t sit on it no matter how expensive or comfortable it is. The four vibrant colors of the chair are sure to win the hearts if yours and your toddler alike.

Since wood chairs come with no color, they would get boring too soon for your kid. This makes these colorful chairs more desirable. Your kid would love it so much, he would never want to get off it.

  • Age recommendedSuitable Age

This is one of the most valid questions anyone asks before buying any chair. Little Tikes Adirondack chairs are suitable for kids between 1 to 3 years old. It comes with a strong grip so that your kid doesn’t fall from it. The chair is stackable as well which makes its storage easy and hassle-free. The chair can support a maximum weight up to 50lbs.

If you wish to purchase Little tikes Adirondack chair for your kid, go on this link:

Pros of Little Tikes Garden Chair:

  1. Lightweight weighs only 1.76 pounds
  2. Stackable and hence can be compactly stored anywhere
  3. Quite affordable
  4. Available in four attractive colors.
  5. The chair comes pre-assembled which saves your time and efforts.

Cons of Little Tikes garden chair:

  1. The chair is lightweight and hence can be tipped over when the child sits on it.
  2. Little tikes chair is made of inexpensive plastic making it less durable and sophisticated than normal wood Adirondack chairs available in the market.


Little Tikes Adirondack chairs are affordable, lightweight, comfortable and beautiful. Even your toddlers roughing on it wouldn’t cause any substantial damage to these chairs. If you are on a budget or just don’t want to spend much for your growing kid’s Adirondack chair, this one is the perfect pick for you.

The price of this chair is like the cherry on the top. Your kid will use this chair for only a few years hence spending a huge amount on the chair doesn’t make any sense.

If you want an affordable, attractive and comfortable Adirondack chair for your kid, go for little tikes Adirondack chair

Buy Little Tikes Pink Garden Chair

Adams Adirondack Chair Review : A Good Budget Adirondack chair

Adam’s Adirondack chair review

If you own a spacious backyard, you also need some outside furniture to make the best use of it. And when we talk about backyard furniture, the first thing that instantly comes to our mind is the Adirondack chair.

Adirondack chairs are a great choice if you wish to soak some sun or just idly lounge for a few hours or read a book or even just spend some time with your friends. They look beautiful and are available in different colors to match your mood or the décor of your houseAdam’s Adirondack chair review

When talking about purchasing an Adirondack chair, there are plenty of options available in the market. Buying a chair that ticks all your requirements is the key. One of the most popular chairs in the market right now is Adam’s 8371-94-3901 Real Comfort Adirondack Chair and we are going to review the same in this article.

Adam’s mnfg company is famous for making furniture for adults as well as kids that are trendy looking and also high in quality and their products range from beautiful bar stools and foldable café tables to different variety of patio furniture. 

No.Product ImageFrame Material Weight
Chair Capacity
Outdoor Living
Product Type
Buy Now
1.Lumber8 pounds
250Patio Chair 1 Year 17.5 x 19 x 14.5 Check Price

Pros of Adam’s Adirondack chairs

  • Lightweight can be easily carried to different places as it weighs only 8 pounds
  • Weather resistant, it won’t be damaged by scorching sun or heavy rain
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Comes with a manufacturer warranty of 1 year
  • Durable and can be used for a number of years without any damage or much wear and tear.
  • You don’t have to repaint these chairs frequently

Cons of Adam’s Adirondack chairs

  • These chairs seem more flimsy than your standard wooden Adirondack chairs.
  • It doesn’t give your backyard that sophisticated look as a standard wooden Adirondack chair but nevertheless it looks pretty decent.

If you wish to buy this beautiful chair, Buy Here

If you ask us one outdoor furniture that everyone must own, we would definitely say Adirondack chair. With its wide seat and large armrests, they are not only beautiful but also very comfortable. There is a reason these chairs have survived numerous years without much changes made to them. People love them just the way they are.

Since the main purpose of these chairs is to provide comfort, you shouldn’t compromise with the quality. Buying an Adirondack chair is an investment that should be done after much consideration. With so many choices of Adirondack chairs available in the online as well as the offline market, you need to be careful with what you are purchasing and if it’s satisfying your needs.

In our opinion, Adam’s real comfort Adirondack chair does what it says- provides real comfort. And at such an affordable price, we wouldn’t be surprised if you decide to buy it for your entire family. Currently, the chair is shipped only in the US and international shipping is not done.

Specification Rating
Adirondack chair 2.5/5
Price 4/5
Warranty 1-Year
Color Grey

additional requirement adirondack chairQuality

Adam’s Adirondack chair is made of resin. For people stuck in the debate of whether to buy wood vs plastic Adirondack chair,  resin brings in a new perspective and seem like a breeze of fresh air.

Resin has its own advantages and qualities which gives it an edge over wooden chairs.

The resin is more weather and stain resistant than your standard wood chairs. This means that you can leave them outside for hours without the fear of them getting damaged. Also, it needs less maintenance work than wood. Which means you don’t have to revarnish or repaint it every year.

Adam’s Adirondack chairs are mildew resistant, non-flammable and these chairs are stackable which makes their arrangement neat and tidy.

One of the most important things to mention here is that this chair weighs only about 8 pounds. This is a perfect pick for people who love spending time outside. You can carry this chair easily with you everywhere. Want to spend a day at the beach? You can take the chair with you. Having lunch at the park? This chair can be easily taken there as well.

material madeLooks

Adam’s Adirondack chair comes in a soothing gray color. The color is subtle and sophisticated and you don’t have to try too hard to match it with any backyard. We all know gray is a universal color and goes with anything and so does these chairs.

If you are feeling too vibrant, you can add bold color cushions or umbrella to these chairs to give an instant upgrade to these chairs style. Almost anything will look good with these chairs. However, that is not mandatory as these chairs on their own are also quite pretty and you’d get compliments from everyone for your great taste in furniture.

material used for adirondack chairComfort

Looks isn’t the only thing one considers while buying an Adirondack chair. Since you plan on spending hours on this chair just relaxing, these chairs need to be comfortable as well. What use is owning a super trendy and beautiful chair if you are going to suffer a severe backache at the end of the day by sitting on it.

This Adirondack chair comes with a wide seat and a high back to provide you with the much-needed comfort and neck support. Also, the support slats are soft enough to not make you feel uncomfortable after hours of sitting on it. The chair also comes with the innovative flex cushion technology to make you feel at ease. The dimensions of the seat of this Adirondack chair are 19 In. W. x 14.5 In. H. x 17.5 In. D which are wide enough to provide you super comfort.

Another comfort it provides is that these chairs come preassembled and you don’t have to assemble them. Sometimes assembling of furniture might be easy and fun but most of the time it’s a headache that people generally shy away from doing. The instructions are also not clear and it can easily take a couple of hours to assemble a single chair. That’s why preassembled chair seems like a blessing  as it saves your precious time and effort

Is the chair weather resistant?

This is probably one of the most asked questions by the customers before buying any chair. Usually, wooden Adirondack chairs are not weather resistant and that is their biggest flaw. But Adam’s Adirondack chairs are 100% weather resistant.

As already mentioned above, you can leave them outside for hours without getting scared that your precious chairs will get spoiler by sun or rain. Or just by using them too much. Another good thing about these chairs is that they are scratch resistant. Even after years of their use, you will find them brand new as ever.


You don’t want to buy an Adirondack chair that is too wobbly and flimsy and you risk falling down from them. You signed up for relaxing on a beautiful sunny day and not a back injury.

Adam’s Adirondack chair provides you with the much-needed safety features. Even though being lightweight, it is stable on the ground and doesn’t wobble. It also comes with a safety grip foot design to ensure that your feet are stable and you don’t fall and hurt yourself.


You can leave Adam’s Adirondack chair outside for hours without any problem. It’s not going to get stained or the paint is not going to get chipped off which is a normal scenario you’d witness if you have wood Adirondack chairs. Wood chairs also get yellow when used for a long time, and this won’t happen with Adam’s Adirondack chairs. Cleaning these chairs from time to time is easy and hassle-free. All you have to do is take wet clean clothes and wipe the chair clean. Your chair would be spot clean as brand new.


It’s the rule of the thumb while purchasing anything new. Everybody knows it. If it comes with a warranty, it’s better. Not necessarily but mostly true. Providing a warranty with the furniture takes away that burden from you. You don’t have to be extra careful. You can just enjoy your day with friends and family without thinking if you are overusing your furniture. Adam’s Adirondack chairs come with a manufacturer warranty of one year. So you can use this chair freely and enjoy your day without that gnawing feeling in your head to be extra careful.

Age recommendedRecommended age

This is an adult Adirondack chairs which mean it is recommended for people who are more than 13 years old. There is also a weight limit which is set at 250 pounds. These chairs are not meant for kids. It is difficult to use adult Adirondack chairs for kids. They don’t provide the needed support and your child can fall and hurt himself.

If you wish to purchase kids or small Adirondack chairs, the company has a beautiful range of these chairs for kids as well. You can buy them in the same color as the regular adult chairs or buy them unfinished and paint them later on. We love this kid’s Adirondack chairs by Adam’s MFG company