Best Finish For Your Adirondack Chairs : Wooden, Plastic

Frequent Maintenance of your Wood Adirondack chair is important otherwise it will fade and lose its sheen so after getting your Adirondack Wooden Chair next is to know how to best finish it so as to help prolong its lifespan. You can get yours Here in case you haven’t got yourself one. So while some people dig the faded silver gray look of these chairs, many people don’t. And this is why it’s important to take care of your wooden Adirondack chair. There are a number of means by which you can weatherproof your Adirondack chair and we are going to tell you the top ways to do so.

Best finish for your Adirondack Wooden chairs

  1. Paint Adirondack Wooden Chair Finish

best finish for Adirondack chairs

Painting is a great way of finishing your Adirondack chair. Paint tends to block harmful UV rays better than any normal clear finish, hence is preferred by a lot of people. There are several best finish for your adirondack wooden chairs methods available but paint is the most used method. To use the Paint finish method, apply on the chair a high-quality exterior primer and then use a paint that is oil based and before painting the chair, sand it well so that the primer fits well.

Also, paint carefully. Don’t let any part of the chair unfinished. Paint every nook and corner that you can find. Sloppy work looks messy and untidy and you don’t want that. A chair once painted needs to be repainted every couple of years.

  1. Stain Adirondack Wooden Chair Finish

best finish for your adirondack wooden chairs
Staining your Adirondack chair not only makes it more attractive but also increases its life considerably. For that first, we need to do the water test. Put two to three drops of water on the chair. If the water beads, there lies a layer on the chair which can prevent your stain from going through.

How to stain your Adirondack Wooden Chair?

Once the water test is completed, choose your favorite stain and a paintbrush. Apply the stain thoroughly on the chair without missing any parts. Stain can change the color of your Adirondack chair i.e lighten or darken the color according to the product you choose. A coat of varnish generally follows the stain application process.

  1. Varnish Adirondack Wooden Chair Finish

varnish adirondack chair

If you like the original natural color of your Adirondack chair, opt for clear varnish for the finish. And even though many people believe that varnish is the same as Stain, it clearly isn’t

When applied to the Adirondack wooden chair’s surface and left to dry, it turns into a shiny, hard and clear coating. This coat needs to apply once every couple of years and save your chair from rot, mildew and extreme weather.

  1. Shellac Adirondack Wooden Chair Finish

Shellac adirondack chair

Another best finish for your Adirondack wooden chairs finish most people use for their Adirondack chairs is shellac. A non-toxic finish, it can be used as a sealer instead of varnish before you stain your chair. But shellac is stained by water and it even gets dissolved by alcohol. So even a few water drops will leave stains on the surface which can only be removed during the next coat application

Refinishing your Adirondack chair

best finish for your adirondack wooden chairs

After every couple of years, you need to repaint or restain your Adirondack chairs to continue with the shine. Take the chair outside and clean it thoroughly using a damp cloth. Once cleaned, leave the chair to dry completely. Also, tighten any loose screw or nuts that might have gone loose with time. Sand the chair using medium grit sandpaper. Sand away any rough spot that you might find.

Now if you are repainting your chair, first apply the exterior primer. Once the primer is dried, paint the chair completely without missing even a small part. Apply two coat of the paint. Leave it to dry.

If you restaining your chair, apply two coats of stain and then apply a coat of sealant (varnish or shellac).

How to clean and protect your Adirondack chair?

You can protect your teak Adirondack chairs from rot, mildew, fade, and mold by applying a finish on it. The different types of finish and way of their application have been mentioned in detail above. Also, cover your Adirondack chairs when they are not being used. This will protect them from rain and harmful sun’s UV rays.

When it comes to cleaning your Adirondack chair, not much expertise is needed. Usually rubbing the surface of the chair occasionally with a damp cloth will do the trick. Some chairs come with the instructions to be spot cleaned only, so it’s advised to go through the same before cleaning your Adirondack chair. You can also use a pressure washer to clean your chair nicely once in a week. This will remove any dirt or mud clinging to the chair. Using mild soap and water will also do a good job. Always remember to dry your chair completely before storing them or it can lead to the growth of mold and mildew.

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